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OGMA Consulting Corp.

OGMA's primary business is the design, development, deployment and support of packaged application software for large, complex, public sector organizations. OGMA chose to develop an electronic services delivery engine that is based upon an agile and adaptive architecture that produces a series of flexible, web based solutions to common public sector eGovernment challenges.

This approach is a dramatic departure to the traditional approach of developing a series of specialized systems to address specific functions, duplicating many infrastructure, control and management components in each of the multiple systems necessary to provide automated support across a number of business functions.

OGMA Consulting Corp. has created and is now using the flexible O&PEN application to address eGovernment opportunities that require:

  • Registries of internal and external users.
  • Complex organizational hierarchies with demands for strict separation of data, processes, business rules, workflows, etc. among participating agencies.
  • Online and offline payment support for ordering product and purchasing services provided by the participating public sector agencies.
  • Corporate workflow management and oversight.
  • Corporate-wide reporting and visibility of all activities, workloads and traffic.
  • Flexible formal document production and distribution.
  • Common user interface and user experience.
  • Reduced costs and faster delivery based upon a common system and processes.

OGMA believes that the O&PEN application systemís adaptive, flexible and agile design provides the ideal environment for implementing eGovernment systems.

OGMA will continue to enhance and extend the O&PEN application. This commitment to the continued evolution of the O&PEN product, combined with the use of open standards and facilities, ensures that the system will continue to meet eGovernment requirements well into the future.

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