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O&PEN Background

O&PEN is a commercial off-the-shelf software product specifically designed for public sector purchasing management for large, complex and decentralized government operations.

O&PEN is specifically designed for use over the Internet or intranet. Application security facilities, which may be augmented by external authentication methods, provide the balance between access and the need to protect sensitive data provided by both clients and the vendor community. O&PEN implements stringent authority-to-perform and representation constraints on all users. It uses positive identification of the user to determine the authorities and privileges that have been specifically granted or withheld from that user. All authorities and privileges are constrained to the organizational hierarchy with which that user is associated. O&PEN makes sure that each user is limited to accessing only the data that they have been granted the right to access or other organizations have published for general access.

The O&PEN design provides a common facility that supports multiple public sector organizations and agencies. An important characteristic of this feature is O&PEN's ability to support the distinct image and profile of each participating client organization. Therefore, each client organization can establish their own unique business rules, document formats and contents, and workflow processes, independently of other organizations using the same system. When the supplier community accesses a Transportation and Works solicitation, they see a distinct document that is different from the form and style of a document issued by the departments and organizations that are utilizing the O&PEN application.

O&PEN is a commercial, off-the-shelf application that is quick and easy to install, operate and use. The user interface is simple, thin-client and relies on standard browsers - no plug-ins, or extra downloads are required for users. It has been demonstrated to significantly reduce training requirements and virtually eliminates the need for application function-related support calls. This ease-of-use is critical to the success of applications that are to be used by a diverse clientele, on an occasional basis, who are remotely located and may not be able to attend extensive user training sessions. To further improve ease-of-use and accessibility, O&PEN includes comprehensive online assistance, help facilities, a complete online manual and animated help and how-to training facilities.

OGMA Consulting Corp intends to continue the development and extension of the O&PEN application system. These extensions will include the incorporation of new and emerging technologies into the core application system as well as the enhancement of each of the existing O&PEN application system functional modules, which currently include:

  • Electronic procurement and purchasing
  • Contract management
  • Inventory / Stocked item management
  • Asset Control
  • Maintenance and Repair management
  • Grants management
  • Permitting and Licensing management
  • Extensions to the purchasing management system in support of emergency and crises situations.

The advanced architecture and design of the O&PEN application system provide the framework on which these complementary and integrated functions are delivered.

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